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How to treat squads as a single man?

Asked 2018-12-10 22:42:12 by John Newton

Answered by NewsBytes

Most times if it's you vs a squad, you will die. However, here are some tips. Don't go for kills, go for knockouts. See if their teammates try to revive them, then shoot them as well. Defend your position where you cannot be flanked. If your position is detected, change positions. Use grenades for distraction and heal whenever you can during the encounter.

Which one is more dangerous- a sniper or a assault shooter?

Asked 2018-12-10 22:24:15 by Rakib Hassan

Answered by NewsBytes

Depends on the kind of engagement. A sniper is obviously deadlier in long range than mid or close range. An assault rifle can be deadly in all ranges if you use it correctly. However, for longer range shootings I would recommend a sniper for greater damage.

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