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What is Manmohan Singh book about?

Asked 2018-12-19 11:00:15 by Ridhi Singhal

Answered by NewsBytes

Dr. Mamohan Singh's book called Changing India traces his life as Finance Minister and PM of India.

What did Manmohan Singh tell PM Modi?

Asked 2018-12-19 11:00:15 by Hansika Chauhan

Answered by NewsBytes

Dr. Manmohan Singh said he was called silent PM, but he always held press conferences.

How many press conferences has PM Modi held?

Asked 2018-12-19 11:00:15 by Sanvi Kadam

Answered by NewsBytes

Since 2014, PM Modi has not held a single press conference.

What did Rahul Gandhi say about PM Modi not holding press conferences?

Asked 2018-12-19 11:00:15 by Saanvi Rangan

Answered by NewsBytes

Rahul Gandhi had told PM Modi it will be fun to have questions thrown at him and asked the latter to speak to the press.

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