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Why is Google showing Sonia Gandhi's Wikipedia page on searching 'bar girl in India'?

Asked 2018-12-20 14:02:02 by Ananya Patil

Answered by NewsBytes

Sonia Gandhi worked as a waitress in a restaurant/bar in Cambridge, UK in mid-1960s and this information is stored in many web pages, including Wikipedia. Therefore, Google search algorithm picked up the combination of words "bar", "girl", "India" and showed up the results.

Was Sonia Gandhi a bar girl?

Asked 2018-12-20 14:02:02 by Tejas Tata

Answered by NewsBytes

No, Sonia Gandhi simply worked as a waitress in a restaurant/bar in Cambridge, UK in mid-1960s. She met Rajiv Gandhi in that restaurant.

Who is Sonia Gandhi?

Asked 2018-12-20 14:02:02 by Aditya Pawar

Answered by NewsBytes

Sonia Gandhi is the former President of Congress. She is the mother of current Congress President Rahul Gandhi and wife of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Why did Google show images of Donald Trump on searching for 'idiot'?

Asked 2018-12-20 14:02:02 by Anika Sengupta

Answered by NewsBytes

Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained in a Congressional hearing that Google search algorithm rakes over many pages on the Internet which have the information related to the searched word and takes into account 200 other factors before giving out the search results.

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