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Is Pogba's tweet available?

Asked on 20-12-2018 by Hemant Rangan

Answered by NewsBytes

No, he deleted it after criticisms from all corners.

How good has Pogba been for Manchester United?

Asked on 20-12-2018 by Shreyas Vyas

Answered by NewsBytes

He has had some good games, but never showed he promise he earlier did at Juventus.

Who will be managing Manchester United next?

Asked on 20-12-2018 by Ayaan Chatterjee

Answered by NewsBytes

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the former Manchester United player who was with the club from 1996-2007, will be taking on the role of United's caretaker coach.

Who are the probable successors apart from Pochettino?

Asked on 20-12-2018 by Vivaan Chavan

Answered by NewsBytes

Zidane and Laurent Blanc are also being assessed as options by the media.

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