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Where can I watch 'Home Alone'?

Asked 2018-12-20 17:45:05 by Arjun Venkatesan

Answered by NewsBytes

Home Alone is available in various discs for viewing and is a perfect holiday watch. Would strongly recommend it. Try looking for it online too, if you can stream it somewhere.

What else has Macaulay Culkin done?

Asked 2018-12-20 17:45:05 by Aaradhya Chattopadhyay

Answered by NewsBytes

Macaulay Culkin has been out of the spotlight for some time by his own choice. However, with his recent return to the spotlight, maybe we will see a few movies out of him. Notably, Culkin was in the famous movie The Rattrap.

Did Joe Pesci play the thief in the advertisement?

Asked 2018-12-20 17:45:05 by Vibhore Mistry

Answered by NewsBytes

No, to our knowledge, the thief only sounded like Joe Pesci and was not Pesci himself, who is currently involved in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman project.

How many 'Home Alone' movies are there?

Asked 2018-12-20 17:45:05 by Aarav Yadav

Answered by NewsBytes

There are 5 Home Alone movies. Apart from the original, there's Lost in New York, Home Alone 3, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House and Home Alone: The Holiday Heist.

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