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Will Johnny Depp not have any role in the upcoming movie?

Asked 2018-12-23 12:44:25 by Charvi Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

Since Depp has been dropped from the franchise, it seems unlikely the movie will follow Jack Sparrow's adventures any more. However, expect references to Sparrow now and then to keep audience interest alive.

Will the franchise be successful without Sparrow?

Asked 2018-12-23 12:44:25 by Hansika Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

While US markets are truly dicey and might swing either way, I do not hold high hopes for international market collections in absence of the favorite rogue pirate, Jack Sparrow.

Will other recurring characters be present like Orlando Bloom?

Asked 2018-12-23 12:44:25 by Abhinav Jain

Answered by NewsBytes

Other recurring characters might well be present, or Disney could overhaul the entire thing and give us a completely different cast.

Was Johnny Depp dropped because of the domestic abuse allegations?

Asked 2018-12-23 12:44:25 by Amit Malhotra

Answered by NewsBytes

While Disney is saying that he was dropped for the franchise to take a new direction, it is entirely possible the shadow of controversy from the domestic abuse allegations motivated them to sever ties with the actor.

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