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How was the Indonesian tsunami triggered?

Asked on 24-12-2018 by Abhinav Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

After the eruption of volcano Anak Krakatau, an underwater landslide occurred which led to the tsunami.

How many people have died?

Asked on 24-12-2018 by Shreyas Sharma

Answered by NewsBytes

Reports claim as many as 281 people died and 1016 were injured in the tsunami.

Is it possible that more tsunamis could strike?

Asked on 24-12-2018 by Rakesh Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

Weather officials said since the volcano is continuing to erupt, more tsunamis could strike the coastal areas.

Was a warning sounded earlier?

Asked on 24-12-2018 by Aarav Kapoor

Answered by NewsBytes

Since Indonesia's early warning system can't detect underwater landslides, an early warning wasn't given.

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