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What else did the new patch add?

Asked 2018-12-24 20:20:12 by Arnav Khan

Answered by NewsBytes

The new patch did not add anything apart from 'Presents' in the game. However, further patches must be introducing some new Limited Time Modes.

When are dragons coming to Fortnite?

Asked 2018-12-24 20:20:12 by Charvi Patel

Answered by NewsBytes

As we reported, Dragon Eggs have been discovered in the game, but there is no assurance when they will come officially.

Can the Presents give new outfits and skins?

Asked 2018-12-24 20:20:12 by Aaryan Pawar

Answered by NewsBytes

No, the Presents will only give weapons and items or health resources. Outfits and skins have to be bought from the in-game store.

What weapons will the Present give?

Asked 2018-12-24 20:20:12 by Surabhi Vyas

Answered by NewsBytes

There is no fixed weapon the Present will give but it is guaranteed you will get one Legendary rarity weapon from every Present.

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