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What is facial recognition?

Asked 2018-12-25 01:03:09 by Hansika Das

Answered by NewsBytes

Facial recognition is a technology capable of scanning face against an existing database. It mostly used by authorities and is now being integrated into modern-day smartphones.

How shin pads would provide signals on field?

Asked 2018-12-25 01:03:09 by Sai Jindal

Answered by NewsBytes

The team could have pre-determined meanings for certain levels of vibrations. So, when the vibration is triggered by the manager, the team would what move has to be made on the field.

When 3D web browsing would be a reality?

Asked 2018-12-25 01:03:09 by Saanvi Patel

Answered by NewsBytes

There's no saying. This is just a patent this stage, which means Amazon may or may not go ahead to make an actual consumer-ready product out of it.

What would be the use of weather-based ads?

Asked 2018-12-25 01:03:09 by Harini Subramanium

Answered by NewsBytes

From IBM's point-of-view, the technology could help e-commerce companies generate sales, while from customers' point, they'll relevant suggestions for things they might want to buy.

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