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When JioMotive will be available?

Asked 2018-12-25 15:38:19 by Reyansh Trivedi

Answered by NewsBytes

There's no word on that but reports suggest the service could be launched in coming weeks.

Will this app work with all cars?

Asked 2018-12-25 15:38:19 by Muhammad Chattopadhyay

Answered by NewsBytes

It is not clear, but we expect that the app and the hardware bundled with it would work with most, if not all, cars.

What would be the cost of this service?

Asked 2018-12-25 15:38:19 by Rishika Sengupta

Answered by NewsBytes

The app is free, but the hardware bundled with it is likely to come at an additional cost. As of now, pricing details have not been revealed by Reliance Jio.

Are there any other apps like this?

Asked 2018-12-25 15:38:19 by Hansika Chattopadhyay

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes. Most automakers have ventured into the connected car ecosystem, with companies like Maruti Suzuki, Nissan and Honda Motors offering their own versions of connect apps.

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