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Which teams are favorites for IPL 2019?

Asked on 29-12-2018 by Trishla Rangarajan

Answered by NewsBytes

Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad are favorites for IPL 2019 title.

Why could CSK win IPL 2019 title?

Asked on 29-12-2018 by Harini Subramanium

Answered by NewsBytes

CSK have the needed experience and balance to work in their favor. They are also the defending champions.

Why could SRH win IPL 2019 title?

Asked on 29-12-2018 by Ankita Tata

Answered by NewsBytes

SRH can win IPL 2019 title because of their strong bowling attack. Also the return of David Warner is a big boost.

Which are the other sides that can do well?

Asked on 29-12-2018 by Aarav Das

Answered by NewsBytes

KKR and Delhi are the other two teams that can do well and provide competition.

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