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How many goals did Ronaldo score in 2018?

Asked 2019-01-02 00:13:08 by Saanvi Bhatnagar

Answered by NewsBytes

Ronaldo scored 49 goals in 2018.

Who can win the 2019 Ballon d'Or?

Asked 2019-01-02 00:13:08 by Tejas Rodrigues

Answered by NewsBytes

It is difficult to say at this point, but Messi has been the best so far this season.

How many goals did Griezmann score in 2018?

Asked 2019-01-02 00:13:08 by Aarav Rangan

Answered by NewsBytes

Griezmann netted in an impressive 40 goals in 2018.

Who is the current season's highest scorer all across Europe?

Asked 2019-01-02 00:13:08 by Aditya Yadav

Answered by NewsBytes

Messi, with 15 La Liga and six Champions League goals.

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