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Why did Donald Trump make a 'Game of Thrones' poster in the first place?

Asked 2019-01-03 15:31:47 by Aarav Banerjee

Answered by NewsBytes

The poster was to celebrate the imposition of sanctions on Iran which were lifted during Obama's presidency as part of the nuclear deal.

What does the sanctions include?

Asked 2019-01-03 15:31:47 by Aaradhya Mehta

Answered by NewsBytes

Trump's administration informed the sanctions imposed on Iran included banking and shipping sectors, shipbuilding, and energy.

When is 'Game of Thrones' final season airing?

Asked 2019-01-03 15:31:47 by Rakesh Tambe

Answered by NewsBytes

The final season of Game of Thrones is airing on April 2019.

Will 'Game of Thrones' final season be shown in India?

Asked 2019-01-03 15:31:47 by Vishal Rathore

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, Game of Thrones final season should be aired in India as well. However, expect the versions shown on television to be heavily censored.

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