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Will there be a next season of Iron Fist?

Asked on 05-01-2019 by VIK-E DHALIWAL

Answered by NewsBytes

Not on Netflix, at least. Iron Fist has already been canceled on Netflix.

What other Marvel shows are there on Netflix now?

Asked on 04-01-2019 by Arnav Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

Jessica Jones is the only show apart from The Punisher that is currently on Netflix.

When did the Punisher first appear in comics?

Asked on 04-01-2019 by Trisha Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

The Punisher was first introduced as a character in Spider-Man comics in 1974.

Is the Punisher show headed to Disney after this?

Asked on 04-01-2019 by Divya Shah

Answered by NewsBytes

Most likely, Disney+ the upcoming streaming service promising to host all Marvel content will host The Punisher as well.

Who is the villain in season 2?

Asked on 04-01-2019 by Surabhi Sharma

Answered by NewsBytes

Apart from Jigsaw or Billy Russo, there is an alt-right villain named John Pilgrim in season 2.

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