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On how many seats will BSP and SP contest?

Asked 2019-01-05 17:22:10 by Ridhi Mittal

Answered by NewsBytes

BSP and SP will contest on 37 seats each in the Lok Sabha elections. They might not field candidates in Amethi and Rae Bareli.

Why was Congress kept out of the alliance?

Asked 2019-01-05 17:22:10 by Aarav Pillai

Answered by NewsBytes

The Congress wanted to contest on more than a dozen seats. BSP and SP didn't like this deal.

What did Akhilesh Yadav say about Congress?

Asked 2019-01-05 17:22:10 by Shreya Saxena

Answered by NewsBytes

Akhilesh Yadav said by not making their MLA a minister in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress has 'cleared the path' in Uttar Pradesh.

How many Lok Sabha seats does UP have?

Asked 2019-01-05 17:22:10 by Aadhya Rangarajan

Answered by NewsBytes

Uttar Pradesh sends 80 ministers to Lok Sabha.

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