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What is 'Jumanji'?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Shreya Dutta

Answered by NewsBytes

Jumanji is a magical game as described in the books and movies that actually transports the players to its world and they have to survive its challenges.

When is the film releasing?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Vishal Singhal

Answered by NewsBytes

Though not fixed yet, the tentative release date for the film is December 13, 2019.

When does the film being its shooting?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Surabhi Khan

Answered by NewsBytes

The film is likely to begin its shooting early this year.

Will the film release in India?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Ajay Gupta

Answered by NewsBytes

Considering the first part released in India, it is more than likely that the sequel too will hit Indian markets.

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