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When will Steve Smith's ban end?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Ridhi Patil

Answered by NewsBytes

Steve Smith's ban will end at end of March, 2019.

Why was Smith banned from international cricket?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Trisha Venkatesan

Answered by NewsBytes

He was banned from international cricket in relation to a ball-tampering scandal against South Africa in March, 2018.

What's Steve Smith's ranking In Test cricket?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Tejas Tata

Answered by NewsBytes

Steve Smith is ranked number three in the ICC Test Rankings.

Who has backed him to score 1,000-plus runs in a season for the next five years?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Ankita Jain

Answered by NewsBytes

Cricket New South Wales', outgoing CEO, Andrew Jones believes Smith will start from where he had left and go on to score 1,000 runs a year in Tests for another five years.

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