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How did Drake respond?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Aarav Gavde

Answered by NewsBytes

Drake has not responded officially to the recently resurfaced video yet.

Where is the concert that this happened?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Amit Kadam

Answered by NewsBytes

Where the concert was, remains unknown. However, it was some time back.

Will Drake go to jail?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Aarav Jayaraman

Answered by NewsBytes

Unless the girl presses charges, it is unlikely he will go to jail.

Is Millie Bobby Brown in a relationship with Drake?

Asked on 06-01-2019 by Ankita Kadam

Answered by NewsBytes

No their relationship, if claims are to be believed, is purely friendly at this point.

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