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Who is the best wrestler ever?

Asked on 07-01-2019 by Aradhya Bhatnagar

Answered by NewsBytes

Undertaker has won the heavyweight championship thrice and the WWE Championship four times.

How many WWE Championships did Bret Hart win?

Asked on 07-01-2019 by Ankita Venkatesan

Answered by NewsBytes

He is a five-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Did Ric Flair have any catchphrases particularly for himself?

Asked on 07-01-2019 by Rajesh Chattopadhyay

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, indeed. He called himself, "I'm the kiss-stealin', wheelin' and dealin', limousine-ridin', jet-flyin' son of a gun." How about that?

How many times did Andre the Giant win the WWE title?

Asked on 07-01-2019 by Diya Kapoor

Answered by NewsBytes

He won the WWE Championship only once.

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