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How many goals did Hazard score for Chelsea?

Asked 2019-01-07 19:30:19 by Paridhi Mehra

Answered by NewsBytes

Hazard has scored a total of 101 goals for Chelsea.

Will Hazard leave Chelsea soon?

Asked 2019-01-07 19:30:19 by Pari Trivedi

Answered by NewsBytes

Hazard will not leave in the January transfer window, but might join Real Madrid ahead of the 2019-20 season.

How many goals has Hazard scored for Belgium?

Asked 2019-01-07 19:30:19 by Hansika Balasubramanium

Answered by NewsBytes

Hazard ha scored 27 goals in 98 appearances for Belgium.

What was Hazard's rank in the Ballon d'Or list?

Asked 2019-01-07 19:30:19 by Navya Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

Hazard was ranked 8th in the 2018 Ballon d'Or list.

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