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How to disable Facebook on Samsung phones?

Asked on 10-01-2019 by Aradhya Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

To disable Facebook, long-press the app and hit the 'disable' button. You'll be presented with a pop-up for confirmation and after this, the app will be disabled.

What data leaks have happend on Facebook?

Asked on 10-01-2019 by Diya Rathore

Answered by NewsBytes

Last year, Facebook suffered from two data breaches, Cambridge Analytica and the case where account access tokens of 30 million users were stolen.

Are other apps also undeletable?

Asked on 10-01-2019 by Amit Gupta

Answered by NewsBytes

Apart from Facebook, WhatsApp also appears undeletable, but we're not sure if that's the case for Samsung Galaxy model or just ours.

Does Apple iPhones also have undeletable Facebook?

Asked on 10-01-2019 by Rishika Jain

Answered by NewsBytes

No, iPhones don't come with bloatware, not even Facebook.

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