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How to find reliable apps on Android?

Asked 2019-01-10 18:20:33 by Pranav Pillai

Answered by NewsBytes

To find reliable Android apps, check reviews and ratings before installing an app. Also, visit its developer's website to verify its authenticity, if possible.

Are such apps present on iOS?

Asked 2019-01-10 18:20:33 by Charvi Subramanium

Answered by NewsBytes

In comparison to Android, very few cases appear on iOS devices, thanks to Apple's stringent moderation policies.

How can malware steal data from phones?

Asked 2019-01-10 18:20:33 by Pari Rodrigues

Answered by NewsBytes

A malware can connect to a remote server and take commands from it to steal confidential data from your Android phone.

What is phishing?

Asked 2019-01-10 18:20:33 by Diya Patel

Answered by NewsBytes

Phishing is the practice where attackers use fake pages to trick users into giving away their confidential emails and passwords.

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