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Is this a PUBG Mobile hack?

Asked on 11-01-2019 by Harini Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

No, this is a PC hack but there might be an equivalent for the PUBG Mobile game.

How can players see the opponent and item location using this PUBG hack?

Asked on 11-01-2019 by Parakram Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

The PUBG hack displays locations of players and items on another screen, giving the cheaters an unfair tactical advantage.

Will the banned players be able to return to PUBG eSports?

Asked on 11-01-2019 by Pari Patil

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, after a 3 year or 2 year period, these players can return to PUBG eSports.

Can PUBG have cross platform play?

Asked on 11-01-2019 by Devansh Shah

Answered by NewsBytes

No PUBG does not support cross-platform play since different consoles offer gameplay edges and to ensure fair battle royale experience, you should match with players on the same platform.

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