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Has Chelsea purchased any replacement for Fabregas?

Asked 2019-01-12 10:57:11 by Angel Powar

Answered by NewsBytes

Not yet, but Pulisic will be used as an attacking midfielder next season, and they already have Kovacic, Jorghino and Kante as solid midfielders.

What will be Fabregas' wages at Monaco?

Asked 2019-01-12 10:57:11 by Sanvi Chopra

Answered by NewsBytes

Nothing of the sort has been made public yet by either party.

How many trophies did Fabregas win with Chelsea?

Asked 2019-01-12 10:57:11 by Aanya Mehra

Answered by NewsBytes

Fabregas has won one FA Cup, one Football League Cup, and two Premier Leagues with Chelsea.

How many EPL appearances has Fabregas made all over?

Asked 2019-01-12 10:57:11 by Abhinav Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

The Catalan managed to make 212 EPL appearances for Arsenal and 138 appearances for Chelsea.

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