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Will this product launch in India?

Asked 2019-01-13 00:43:09 by Aaryan Singhal

Answered by NewsBytes

As of now, there's no word on the launch of this product in India.

Will this device cover sun-spots as well?

Asked 2019-01-13 00:43:09 by Devansh Lobo

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, this device will cover sunspots, just like how it hides other skin marks.

Are there any other similar products?

Asked 2019-01-13 00:43:09 by Saanvi Tambe

Answered by NewsBytes

No, as of now, there are no products like these in the Indian market.

Are there any side effects of this device?

Asked 2019-01-13 00:43:09 by Vivaan Jain

Answered by NewsBytes

As of now, the product has not been launched and no side-effects have been flagged.

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