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What is the keto diet?

Asked 2019-01-13 19:41:30 by Vibhore Lobo

Answered by NewsBytes

The Ketogenic or Keto diet is a diet that involves high consumption of fats, moderate intake of proteins, and much lower intake of carbohydrates, in order to promote healthy weight loss.

What are the benefits of Keto diet?

Asked 2019-01-13 19:41:30 by Trisha Saxena

Answered by NewsBytes

Keto diet helps in losing weight, and reducing risk for many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, acne, and many a neurological conditions.

What foods should be eaten and which ones should be avoided, when on a Keto diet?

Asked 2019-01-13 19:41:30 by Aditya Rao

Answered by NewsBytes

Sugary foods, grains, starches, fruits, beans, legumes, root veggies, unhealthy fats, and alcohol should be avoided, while consumption for meat, fatty-fishes, eggs, butter, cheese, nuts, cream, avocado, and other high-fat foods should be increased.

What are the side-effects orf Keto diet?

Asked 2019-01-13 19:41:30 by Vishal Kapoor

Answered by NewsBytes

There might be some initial-level side effects, as your body takes time to adapt to the new diet pattern. These include nausea, increased hunger, digestive issues, and poor energy/mental function. To minimize these effects, it is advised to go slow, ie. choose a moderate to low carb diet, before switching on to an extremely low-carb or zero-carb diet.

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