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Is Vikendi map good for all the players?

Asked on 14-01-2019 by Reena Mishra

Answered by NewsBytes

Of course, Vikendi is one of the most balanced maps on PUBG.

Which app do these PUBG players use to do a live stream?

Asked on 14-01-2019 by Shantanu gamer

Answered by NewsBytes

Players usually stream on either Twitch or YouTube.

What is FPP?

Asked on 14-01-2019 by RAJDEEP BASU

Answered by NewsBytes

FPP is First Person Perspective.

Why Dynamo is not in the list?

Asked on 14-01-2019 by Robert Queen

Answered by NewsBytes

Dynamo is undoubtedly a fantastic player, but he is more famous for his streaming, so we have included him in our best streamers of India list.

At what time we can find offline players in PUBG?

Asked on 14-01-2019 by hema malini

Answered by NewsBytes

Sometime during the morning on weekdays, you are likely to find more players offline.

Where do PUBG Mobile gamers stream their gameplay?

Asked on 13-01-2019 by Charvi Mehra

Answered by NewsBytes

Most of these PUBG Mobile gamers stream their gameplay on YouTube.

What is the new map in PUBG Mobile?

Asked on 13-01-2019 by Ishan Sharma

Answered by NewsBytes

Vikendi or the snow map is the new map in PUBG Mobile.

What is a kill death ratio?

Asked on 13-01-2019 by Reyansh Chatterjee

Answered by NewsBytes

The number of kills you get versus the number of times you die, across games is the kill death ratio.

Can I download PUBG Mobile for free?

Asked on 13-01-2019 by Devansh Kapur

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, PUBG Mobile is free to play but has in-game purchases.

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