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How does hair transplant works?

Asked on 14-03-2019 by Navya Saxena

Answered by NewsBytes

Hair from another part of the body, the donor site, is taken to the balding part, known as the recipient site.

What all side effects are there?

Asked on 14-03-2019 by Parakram Patil

Answered by NewsBytes

HRS is low-risk. However, there are rare cases where complications like anaphylaxis can occur.

What is Anaphylaxis?

Asked on 14-03-2019 by Navya Malhotra

Answered by NewsBytes

It is an allergic reaction which may cause itchy rashes, swelling of face and throat, breathlessness, etc.

Can one have anaphylaxis without going through a surgery?

Asked on 14-03-2019 by Arjun Mehra

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction and can occur without getting exposed to a particular thing.

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