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Who is Dhruv's archenemy?

Asked 2019-04-25 18:22:30 by Aditya Mittal

Answered by NewsBytes

His archenemy is Grand Master Robo, a crime lord who is half human and half robot, with a laser eye inside his left eyeball.

Does Dhruv have a love interest?

Asked 2019-04-25 18:22:30 by Ridhi Trivedi

Answered by NewsBytes

Dhruv has been associated with three women, Natasha, Richa, and Sabby. He loves Natasha the most but she is Grand Master Robo's daughter.

Which superhero is Dhruv's inspiration?

Asked 2019-04-25 18:22:30 by Vibhore Rangan

Answered by NewsBytes

Dhruv's character design is similar to DC Comics' Nightwing and his code of conduct and operating method resembles Batman.

Are Doga and Dhruv friends?

Asked 2019-04-25 18:22:30 by Surabhi Sen

Answered by NewsBytes

They have appeared together but often have clashes as the two are anti-theses of each other in terms of moral code and sense of justice.

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