Best iOS, Android mobile apps for motorcycle riders


21 Aug 2019

These are the five must-have apps for motorcycle riders

Surely, no one wants to get bugged by notifications when they set out to enjoy the thrill of the ride and the brush of the wind.

However, for an adrenaline-filled getaway, a smartphone can be a necessity if you want to plan your trip, track expenditures, get vehicle information and stay in touch with the passionate community.

Here are the must-have apps for motorheads.

App #1

Polarsteps: Creates your beautiful travel journal

Polarsteps: Creates your beautiful travel journal

When you are riding through the valley roads or crossing river bridges, you don't always jot down memories. Instead, you soak in those feelings, capture a few photos, and move on.

However, with Polarsteps, you just have to schedule your trip and the app will sync your route and geo-tag your photos on a colorful, shareable map.

In effect, it creates your travel journal.

App #2

Drivvo: Lets you maintain your fuel log

Marketed more towards car owners, Drivvo can be a handy companion for motorcycle riders as well.

The app lets you easily manage your fuel log, fuel consumption, and services. There's also a collaborative Where to refuel feature which lets you check fuel prices at nearby stations.

With the paid version, you can backup your data in the cloud, sync between devices, and remove ads.

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App #3

Google Maps: Needs no introduction

Think of navigation and there's really nothing that comes remotely close to Google Maps.

It has over 220 countries and territories mapped along with millions of businesses and places. You get real-time GPS navigation, traffic information, and even in-app music controls.

What's more? You can also save offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection.

App #4

EatSleepRIDE: Free app with in-app subscriptions

EatSleepRIDE is a must-have app for any motorcyclist. The GPS-based app lets you track your rides, discover new routes, record speed, mileage, lean angle, and even create private groups to keep track of your friends.

Meanwhile, with the paid version, you can visualize your data and subscribe to the CRASHLIGHT® feature which tracks collisions and other emergency situations.

App #5

First Aid - American Red Cross

First Aid - American Red Cross

Accidents happen and most of the times, it may not be your mistake. But, when you are on the road, it's crucial that you know how to handle everyday emergencies.

The First Aid app uses videos and animations to provide step-by-step instructions for first aid scenarios. And with preloaded content, you have instant access to all safety information at any time, even without data.

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First Aid

First Aid - American Red Cross

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