Bengaluru: New malls threateningly tower over old shops in Majestic

07 Sep 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana

Decades-old shops in Bengaluru's Majestic are facing some serious competition as many parts of the neighborhood are getting a dramatic facelift, with swanky new malls "looming" over the area.

However, old shopkeepers remain stoic and confident of retaining their customers.

Despite the competition, they are fully aware of, old shopkeepers are not even interested in shifting to those shiny malls.

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In context: Bengaluru's Majestic: Old shops facing competition from malls

07 Sep 2017Bengaluru: New malls threateningly tower over old shops in Majestic

Majestic ShopkeepersPeople who come here are serious shoppers: An old shopkeeper

Old shopkeepers remain undeterred by the upcoming malls; most of their customer base comprises of old, repeat customers.

They say customers know they can get things at lower prices in their shops compared to malls.

Shopkeepers are confident of retaining customers, saying they survived "new" malls so they can survive "newer" ones too.

However, they are more worried about the lack of parking-space in Majestic.