Bengaluru witnessing worst power crisis

08 Nov 2017 | By Gazal Gupta

Unscheduled power cuts ranging between 4 to 10 hours has disrupted normal life in several parts of Bengaluru.

Engulfed by nearly 5,000 complaints between 2 pm on Monday and 3 pm on Tuesday, the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) advised Bengalureans to equip themselves for "unscheduled or intermittent power supply".

BESCOM officials were, however, not forthcoming on how long the crisis would last.

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08 Nov 2017Bengaluru witnessing worst power crisis

ReasonTechnical fault disrupts power supply

The load-shedding is due to the tripping of two units of the Raichur Thermal Power Station that normally functions on 4-5 units. However, BESCOM struggles to meet the demand in the city.

With the repairs at both stations expected to take up to a week, BESCOM has opted to purchase energy from the Indian Energy Exchange to overcome the shortfall.