Bengaluru: Iconic Big Kids Kemp closing its door

10 Nov 2017 | By Gazal Gupta
Iconic Big Kids Kemp shutting down in Bengaluru

The iconic shopping destination of MG road, Big Kids Kemp will down its shutters on Friday.

Vashi J Melwani (79), the founder and president of the store has finally decided that it is time to relax, retire and travel.

The store, which has been around since 1990, is known for its mascots dressed in cartoon characters' costume.

Here's a nostalgia trip!

In context: Iconic Big Kids Kemp shutting down in Bengaluru

10 Nov 2017Bengaluru: Iconic Big Kids Kemp closing its door

OfferStore is offering 75 percent discount on everything

For the last few days, there has been a huge sale at Big Kids Kemp; everything is available at a 75 percent discount for customers.

Not just commoners, Big Kids Kemp was a shopping destination for celebrities as well.

Actor Ravichandran, and politician G Janardhana Reddy's family were among the popular visitors of the store.

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Popularity of the store was unmatched

Apparently, in the first week when the store had moved to Trinity Circle, the queue would extend to the Taj-run hotel across the road. People were eager to know what was being offered, especially since they were big on entertainment as well.