Bengaluru fourth deadliest city for motorists

16 Nov 2017 | By Gazal Gupta
Bengaluru: 500 dead this year, navigating city roads

This year, approximately 500 individuals have died so far navigating Bangalore's streets, making it the nation's fourth-deadliest city for motorists.

Among them were an elderly couple, who were crushed under a truck last month while trying to avoid a hole.

Even doctors have reported a rise in patients arriving at Bangalore's hospitals with spinal injuries and back complaints sustained on the city's bad roads.

In context: Bengaluru: 500 dead this year, navigating city roads

16 Nov 2017Bengaluru fourth deadliest city for motorists

16 Nov 2017Bengaluru is struggling to solve an age-old problem: potholes

India's Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, is struggling to overcome an age-old problem: potholes.

After a slew of accident deaths blamed on potholes incited angry protests, the authorities are under tremendous pressure to fill thousands of dangerous holes caused by unusually heavy monsoon rains.

Local authorities, however, have blamed heavy monsoon rains for transforming some of the city's roads into dangerous stretches of cracked bitumen.

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Every year, accidents shave 3% off the national GDP

India has some of the world's deadliest roads with more than 230,000 fatalities annually. Such accidents shave three percent off the national GDP every year, according to the country's transport minister Nitin Gadkari.