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12 Dec 2017

Bengaluru Central Prison inmates to get Aadhaar, bank accounts

Aadhaar to track prisoners' activities

Bengaluru's Parappana Agrahara prison is gearing up for a new project: issuing Aadhaar cards to its inmates.

Aadhaar kits have already arrived at the Central Prison.

Of the 3,000 prisoners in Parappana, those who don't have bank accounts will also get new ones. For this, the State Bank of India is being roped in.

But why do prisoners need Aadhaar anyway?

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Aadhaar to track prisoners' activities
How will Aadhaar for inmates help authorities?


How will Aadhaar for inmates help authorities?

Currently, India's 1,401 jails share a common database called e-prisons, which consists a jail index number for each of the 4.19L prisoners along with their details.

In March, the Home Ministry directed prison authorities to seed inmates' Aadhaar.

It will help regulate facilities like interviews, transport, release etc, and also keep a check on the lawbreakers, many of whom keep changing personal details.


But why is it needed for visitors?

The Ministry urged mandating Aadhaar for visitors too. "With this, any law-enforcing agency sitting anywhere can know about visitors' details. This will further streamline the prison administration where inmate and visitor management is a key aspect," an official said.

This will also enable officials if aides outside jail are helping suspects in prison by examining who all and when they are visiting.

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Inmates to also get bank accounts

Meanwhile, SBI will open bank accounts for inmates who don't have Aadhaar. Their earnings in jail will then go directly to the account. They will also be linked to Aadhaar.

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