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13 Feb 2018

Bengaluru may soon run out of drinking water

Bengaluru's water shortage issue might soon lead the city to face Day Zero, after South African city Cape Town.

The drought-hit South African city recently became the first major city in the world to face Day Zero (when government shuts down water connections for homes and businesses).

It has also been highlighted that other big cities might face similar situation in the future.

In context

Bengaluru water crisis might lead to Day Zero

Natural waterbodies

Not a single lake in Bengaluru has suitable drinking water

With the Bellandur lake fire making headlines, the condition of the natural waterbodies in the city of Bengaluru is understood.

With no groundwater and rainwater harvesting, there is not a single lake in the city that has suitable drinking water. As a result, it is speculated that the city might not be able to meet the water requirements of its people in future.

The crisis

Impending water crisis admitted by Bengaluru Development Minister

According to a report, this impending crisis was confirmed when Bengaluru Development Minister KJ George said, "The availability of water per person per day will be 88 litres by 2031 when the city's population will touch 20 million."

Presently, as prescribed by the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization, the rule for domestic water usage is 135 litres per capita per day.

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State govt claims to increase water availability by 2023


State govt claims to increase water availability by 2023

Even though the state government has claimed that it will be spending Rs. 5,500 crore by 2023 to increase water availability in Bengaluru, not everyone has approved of it.

A senior official said, "Bengaluru has faced a harsh drinking water crisis in the past four summers. But there is no political determination and bureaucratic vision with regard to water for the city."

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