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19 Apr 2018

Bengaluru: Erratic water-supply, tankers plying, but BWSSB says 'keep calm'

Water tankers have already started operating in Bengaluru and residents receiving Cauvery river water are also complaining of erratic water supply.

However, BWSSB officials said that there's nothing to worry as water is enough for this year because of last year's torrential rainfall.

The agency said that it can supply 1400MLD water in May itself, as compared to last year's overall supply of 1320MLD.

In context

Bengaluru will have smooth summer, water-wise, hinted BWSSB


'Bengaluru will not be hit by water crisis till 2035'

As per Cauvery Water Supply Scheme (CWSS), BWSSB will face no issue in supplying the required amount of water.

The villages acquired in 2007 will get water by 2023 after the 5th stage of CWSS, said chairman Tushar Girinath.

Girinath expressed confidence that Bengaluru will not face any water issue till 2035, after which water can be drawn from Sharavati River in Shimoga.

Continues to do so

BWSSB had junked several reports predicting Bengaluru's water crisis

Several reports done by organizations like IISc, CSE and even BBC predicted that Bengaluru will face severe water crisis soon.

However, BWSSB had junked those reports saying that a tie-up with the Japan International Cooperation Agency for a Rs. 5,500 crore loan is on for increasing Cauvery water from "1,400MLD to 2,175MLD".

"Solutions are in supply and demand management," BWSSB had said.

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Villagers refusing Cauvery water supply due to security deposit payment

The project between BWSSB and Japan International Cooperation Agency has already hit a roadblock. 17 out of 110 villages have refused Cauvery water supply of 20MLD, since they have to pay a one-time non-refundable amount of Rs. 11,000, said BWSSB officials.

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