Bengaluru: Home-schooled boy to represent India in International Informatics Olympiad

16 May 2018 | By Pallabi Chatterjee

Among the four students who would represent India in this year's International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), one participant stands out.

Why, you ask?

Because he doesn't belong to any reputed school, and has been completely home-schooled.

Bengaluru boy Ramchandra Kishor Apte came in top four after acing the IOI training camp held in Chennai.

It was his mother who decided he should be home-schooled.

In context: Home-schooled Bengaluru boy chosen for International Olympiad

16 May 2018Bengaluru: Home-schooled boy to represent India in International Informatics Olympiad

DetailsApte chose the non-rigid environment at home to learn

Apte's mother is a home-maker, who used to teach him earlier, but stopped when she realized that he didn't need any guidance.

He chose the non-rigid environment because it aids him in his learning, Apte admits.

Further, he takes tuition for Hindi and piano and studies for almost 8 hours at home.

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Main aim is to study Computer Science in USA

PreparationMain aim is to study Computer Science in USA

Apte loves studying science and mathematics and has also participated in the American Mathematical Competition that was held in March.

He has been intensely preparing for the IOI that will be held from September 1 to 9.

His main aim, however, is to study Computer Science at a top university in USA and for that, he has already started preparing for the entrance exams.

Says Dean"Challenge is to combine algorithms knowledge with programming skills"

Apte will be accompanied by Choudhury Istasis Mishra (DPS, Kolkata), Adhyyan R Sekhsaria (Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai) and Mohammad Zaid (Mithila Public School, Bihar).

The team would be led by Madhavan Mukund, Dean of Studies, CMI and National Coordinator of Indian Computing Olympiad.

He says the main challenge in the Olympiad is to "combine knowledge of algorithms with effective programming skills."