Yamraj spotted in Bengaluru; he has a message


11 Jul 2018

Bengaluru Police hires 'Yamraj' to deliver road safety message

Bengalureans were surprised to see a mace-wielding 'Yamraj' on the roads yesterday, stopping helmet-less two-wheeler drivers.

"If you disobey traffic rules, I'll come to your home," was his simple message. As a parting gift, he gave red roses to all the traffic violators.

Now this was obviously an act, but directed by Halasuru Gate traffic police to highlight the importance of traffic rules.


'Yamraj' should have chosen a better color for his shoes!

'Yamraj' should have chosen a better color for his shoes!

Theatre actor Veeresh wore the traditional black and golden attire, complete with a mace in hand and a crown, and got transformed to 'Yamraj.'

The pair of red shoes stood out and appeared mismatched, but it was needed since he'd be walking and spreading the message.

Taking his act to another level, 'Yamraj' also sat behind a motorist to drive home the department's point.

Safety month

Act a part of safety awareness drive for July

'Yamraj' wasn't alone. He was joined by officers from Bengaluru East division, who intercepted several violators at JC Road signal.

Deputy Commissioner of traffic police Anupam Agrawal shared that this act was a part of a road safety drive to be carried out throughout this month.

"We are also conducting various programs such as lectures in schools and colleges and street plays," he added.

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Not novel

Incidentally, 'Yamraj' has visited earth for similar reasons earlier too!

Incidentally, 'Yamraj' has visited earth for similar reasons earlier too!

However noble this initiative was, it's not a novel one. Sorry, Bengaluru Police!

Nagpur Police had put out a tweet on July 5, showing 'Yamraj' seated behind a motorist (who is of course not wearing a helmet). After a while, the violator sees a placard where it's written, 'I've my helmet; what about you?'

Police in Gurugram and Noida have also done such acts.

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