Bengaluru woman caught with drugs in noodle packets


03 Aug 2018

Bengaluru: This woman chose noodle packets to smuggle drugs

Whether noodles contain lead is still under debate, but for this Bengaluru-based woman, it contained drugs too.

The 35-year-old stashed high-quality cocaine worth Rs. 1.2cr and ketamine worth Rs. 50,000 in three noodle packets.

She was caught yesterday, while she was smuggling drugs from Mumbai.

Cops said she worked as a masseuse at a spa and is from Darjeeling, a town in West Bengal.


Her ticket had some other name, bag didn't yield anything

Her ticket had some other name, bag didn't yield anything

Grace Roy, the woman in question, was bringing the consignment from Mumbai and was to deliver it to city-based dealers.

Narcotics Control Bureau sleuths spotted her when she was alighting from a semi-sleeper bus that came in from Mumbai around 9PM.

They checked her ticket first, which had some other name that raised their suspicion.

Eventually they checked her bags but didn't find anything.


'The packets seemed as if they had been cut, repacked'

It was then that their eyes went to the noodle packets.

"The packets seemed as if they had been cut and repacked," said sleuths, so they opened those and found pouches containing 200gm of cocaine and 100gm of ketamine.

Upon questioning, she confessed.

The woman, who's been living in TC Palya in Battarahalli, Bengaluru, since 2014, has been remanded in custody for two days.

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