'Pool not illegal': Uber responds to transport dept

02 Feb 2017 | By Gogona Saikia

After the Transport Department's order banning cab sharing, Uber said "uberPOOL" is within the framework of Motor Vehicle Rules. An online petition has also been started to garner support.

According to the state transport department, these services have contract carriage permits which do not include picking up and dropping passengers during the ride.

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02 Feb 2017'Pool not illegal': Uber responds to transport dept

02 Feb 2017Karnataka repeats indifference horror as people ignore dying teen

Passersby stopped to click photos, but didn't offer help as a teen lied in blood after being run over by a bus in Koppal.

It was 20 minutes before help arrived.

"People were shocked and didn't know how to help," said an eyewitness.

Similar incidents happened in Bengaluru last year and in Mysuru three days ago.

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Budget 2017 brings affordable housing with cheaper, bigger flats

BudgetBudget 2017 brings affordable housing with cheaper, bigger flats

Flats with carpet area of up to 300 sq ft are set to get cheaper due to 100% tax exemption on profits from their sales.

They have to be completed within three years from the date of approval between June 2016 and March 2019.

In a big win, the holding period for capital gains has also been reduced to two years.

Bannerghatta Park Jeep, car safaris in Bannerghatta may be replaced by buses

After two incidents of lions attacking safari vehicles, Bannerghatta Biological Park authorities are considering banning jeep safaris to increase safety of both visitors and animals.

However, staff members say the move might cause losses of up to Rs 5 crore, since jeep and car safaris are more expensive than bus safaris.

At present, the park offers buses, cars and jeeps as options to visitors.

BullyingTeen kills self after "becoming a target" at school

Class VII student Vikas Raja Singh of a Dasanapura private school was found hanging in his Nelamangala residence, about 40 km from Bengaluru, after accusing classmates of bullying.

His class teacher too targeted him without reason, his suicide note said.

Police said the principal and a few students would be questioned.

Vikas and his family had moved to Dasanapura from Mysuru a year ago.

NEETNEET to be held in Kannada too from this year

NEET has introduced Kannada and Odiya as options for students, who can now choose to write their exams in one of 10 languages.

Students appearing for the mandatory medical exam in centres across Karnataka can choose to write it in Kannada.

There are also new limits on the number of times the test can be taken (thrice), and age of candidates (25/30 for general/reserved).

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Bengaluru PoliceBengaluru police struggling with cyber crime cases

Cases of online fraud reach the Cyber Crime Cell only if the amount is above Rs 50,000. The local police is now struggling to close at least 10 such cases worth lower, with technology much weaker than the hackers'.

Lack of manpower and non-cooperation from bank officials are other deterrents.

"Our top priority is saving lives. Other issues come later," said a police officer.

BelagaviConstable falls into well while trying to save woman

A constable near Bennali village in Belagavi rushed to a car when he heard a woman's screams, but was attacked by its four inmates.

As he escaped, he fell into a well in a field nearby, where he spent the night.

Help arrived after the field owner heard his shouts for help in the morning. One of his legs had been fractured.