Bengaluru kids, as young as 11, are taking to drugs

03 Feb 2017 | By Gogona Saikia
Drugs, obesity, murder: What's new in Bengaluru?

Kids as young as 11-12 years of age in Bengaluru are taking to consuming as well as peddling drugs.

Marijuana and cigarettes are commonly used, though children are also experimenting with synthetic drugs like LSD.

The OPD at Nimhans gets 2-3 adolescent drug users each day it operates, taking the number of patients a year to 300.

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In context: Drugs, obesity, murder: What's new in Bengaluru?

03 Feb 2017Bengaluru kids, as young as 11, are taking to drugs

MurderUgandan woman stabbed to death at her Bengaluru residence

A man from Himachal Pradesh stabbed a Ugandan woman to death at her Kothanur residence after alleged disagreement on payment for sexual services.

The man, who was looking for a job in the city, allegedly snatched a knife from the woman who picked it up to threaten him. Neighbours heard the commotion and called the police.

African nationals later staged a protest seeking justice.

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Siddaramaiah calls for aid of victims after repeated apathy incidents

ApathySiddaramaiah calls for aid of victims after repeated apathy incidents

After Karnataka saw at least two incidents of public apathy in recent times, CM Siddaramaiah has appealed to the people to help victims instead of clicking pictures.

Despite the Good Samaritan Bill, which protects helpful bystanders from criminal liabilities, people filmed an accident victim who bled to death in Koppal.

The video of the bleeding victim pleading for help went viral on social media.

ExtravaganzaBengaluru man wants flowers heli-dropped on his new house

M Muniraju approached the high court to seek permission to have flowers heli-dropped on his new house in Mullur Village during housewarming.

Muniraju went to Deccan Charters to hire a chopper, who sent him to the police for permission. His request has not been considered till now, he says.

Muniraju's name was till recently on the list of rowdy-sheeters. The hearing has been adjourned.

Obesity20.7% of Bengaluru school children obese: Study

Out of about a lakh school students studies, nearly 20.7% were either obese or overweight, and 13.3% were found to be at risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

30% children were in need of dental care, while 13.6% had poor vision.

The study included equal number of children from affordable and expensive schools.

Across India, childhood obesity increased from 16.3% in 2001-05, to 2013-15.

Cycling recordBengaluru cyclists gear up to set more records

Two Bengaluru cyclists, Mohammad Rafi and Meera Velankar, will set off on a 'Tandem Super Randonnneurs' event, a first in India, in October.

The two record-holders will go on a 400-km ride around Bangalore-Gundlupet-Ooty, ending at Chennai. It will be supervised by Audax club Parisien, a French governing body.

The two, who juggle cycling, families and jobs, are concerned about lack of funds.