Bengaluru is India's most forgetful city

31 Mar 2017 | By Mansi Motwani
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The Uber 'Lost and Found India' Index released a report on Thursday and ranked Bengaluru as India's most forgetful city.

Uber customers have managed to forget the most unique things behind including bullet-proof vests, potted plants and even puppies!

The index also reveals that customers are most likely to forget their belongings behind on weekends.

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31 Mar 2017Bengaluru is India's most forgetful city

DetailsBengaluru: Milk/curd prices to increase by Rs. 2 from tomorrow

From 1st April onwards, prices of the Nandini milk will increase by Rs. 2/liter and the price of curd will increase by Rs. 2 in Karnataka.

Milk produced by the Southern Karnataka Milk Unions will be priced at Rs. 35 and that produced by the Northern Karnataka Milk Unions will will be priced at Rs. 34.

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GST to make dining, watching movies more expensive

TaxesGST to make dining, watching movies more expensive

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime is expected to kick off in July, and is expected to make dining out and watching movies an expensive affair.

Under the GST regime, food at five-star hotels and fine-dine restaurants will become cheaper whereas it is predicted to get costlier at smaller eateries.

The GST Council has five tax slabs -0, 5, 12, 18 and 28%

HealthPsychiatric experts deem Mental Health Care Bill as inadequate

The Mental Health Care Bill (MHCB) passed last week was regarded as a pro-patient legislation.

Psychiatric experts in the city, however, have pointed fingers towards its lack of focus on community care.

According to critics, the bill expects patients to make a choice regarding how they want to be treated, but lacks insight as patients could take advantage of the same to avoid treatment.

PoliticsPeople want Kumaraswamy to be Chief Minister again: Deve Gowda

With the Congress and the BJP gearing up for the 2018 assembly polls, former Prime Minister Deve Gowda said his regional party JD(S) cannot be ignored.

In an interview, Gowda said he is a "hardman" in politics, and added that JD(S) was looking to secure approximately 115 seats.

He further added that the residents want his son, Kumaraswamy, to be CM again.

BengaluruNo Iskcon food for Namma Canteens

Contrary to public perception that food for the upcoming Namma Canteens in Bengaluru would be provided by Iskcon, the Karnataka government wants to invite tenders for the scheme.

According to several officials from the government, the lack of onions and garlic in Iskcon food may come off as bland for the people using the canteens, which would be counterproductive for the Siddaramaiah government.