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04 May 2017

Karnataka: Petrol dealers to protest on 10th May

Everyday news from Bengaluru

The All India Petroleum Owners' Association has called for a protest on 10th May if the government doesn't heed their demand of increasing petrol dealers' profit margins.

If their demands remain unmet by 9th May, then petrol pumps will refuse to purchase fuel from manufacturing companies on 10th May.

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Everyday news from Bengaluru
Ambulance made to wait for 3 minutes for CM Siddaramaiah


Ambulance made to wait for 3 minutes for CM Siddaramaiah

On Tuesday evening, an ambulance carrying a patient was made to halt for 3 whole minutes as CM Siddaramaiah's convoy was to enter Ravindra Kalakeshtra for Bhagiratha Jayanti celebrations.

Police commissioner Praveen Sood said emergency vehicles must be prioritized; he further added that he would investigate the incident.

However, police officials (both traffic and otherwise) deployed near the convoys refused to comment.


Water levels in Bengaluru dams reach dead storage levels

Despite of the few showers received by Bengaluru last month, water levels in dams continue to decrease.

The water levels in these dams will rise only during the monsoon, until which Bengalureans would have to use water judiciously.

As of Wednesday, the water level in the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) dam was 71.92 ft. whereas the dead storage level is 74 ft.

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Abolish cap on ticket prices: Multiplex body

04 May 2017

Abolish cap on ticket prices: Multiplex body

Deeming it an unfair step towards the interest of the film industry, the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) urged the government to withdraw its cap of Rs. 200 on movie tickets.

MAI President Deepak Asher added that the body is currently analyzing options at its disposal to protect members and stakeholders' interests.

He also said the capping would obstruct the further growth of multiplexes.


Tech firms having hard time hunting for skilled employees

Hiring positions for data scientists, software architects, data engineers, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are most difficult to fill for companies.

This is because the number of available candidates for these roles is always less than half their demand.

In skills like Java Developer, AutoCAD, microcontroller programming and solutions architect, the supply exceeds the demands by double.

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