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06 Jun 2017

Bengaluru police seizes banned currency notes, arrests 5 people

Bengaluru this Tuesday

Bengaluru Police seized banned currency notes amounting to Rs. 2.5crore and caught five people red-handed when they were trying to move the demonetized notes on late Monday night in Bengaluru.

The arrested people have been identified as Raj, Kishore, Saravanapriya, Satyanarayan and Rajagopal.

They are undergoing interrogation and the divulged details are being verified by the police.

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In context

Bengaluru this Tuesday
Sewage lines to be set up for toilets in Bengaluru

Cubbon Park

Sewage lines to be set up for toilets in Bengaluru

The Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) saved the day for Cubbon Park and Lalbagh when they visited the toilet complexes and decided to install sewage lines for proper functioning of the facilities.

The company running the facilities had declared it would close down the facilities without the support of BWSSB.

According to BWSSB, proper sewage flow will be restored in two days.


Asha workers on one day strike, demand salaries

Deprived of their salaries for eight months, 200 accredited social health workers (ASHA) went on a day long strike. They also demanded identity cards.

Each ASHA worker is to be paid Rs. 5000 per month with allowances.

Rama TC, in charge of Karnataka Asha Workers' Association, said ASHA workers are not able to administer polio drops to children due to no ID cards.

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Food vendor arrested for filming girls while using restroom

Food vendor with a Bengaluru based software company was caught red-handed by a woman for trying to film her using the restroom.

He has been arrested for allegedly trying to film women employees. Police said that he was quick to delete the video and now cybercrime unit would to access deleted videos.

He has been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal code.

Civic issues

Bengaluru's civic body resorted to ridiculous ideas

Bengaluru's civic body BBMP is being ridiculed for resorting to bizarre ideas to tackle civic menace.

They are being criticized for wasting tax payers' money over goods train for transporting garbage to other areas, employing pod taxis for technologically challenged Palike or the Palike tenders for catching pigs.

There is no symmetry at all between the investment made and the capacity of the system.

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