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03 Jul 2017

Bengaluru doctors: Increased cases of polycystic-ovary syndrome in young women

Gynaecologists are witnessing an increase in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) cases among women in mid-20s and 30s.

PCOS is a condition in which there is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone levels which results in the growth of ovarian cysts, affecting fertility and heart function.

The usual symptoms are obesity, abnormal hair growth on face etc.

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Bengaluru: Corroded railway overbridge poses threat to commuters


Bengaluru: Corroded railway overbridge poses threat to commuters

The corroded tin base of railway overbridge, located on Miller's road, has started leaking with pieces falling on commuters, who pass underneath the overbridge.

The leakage is nothing short of a threat for commuters, who now avoid using the road when train passes overhead

A commuter said, "Is the railways waiting for a tragedy to happen before taking up the maintenance work."


Ahead of 2018 polls, BJP launches programme to woo minorities

In a bid to woo the minorities, BJP's minority wing launched its 'Vistarak' programme, with over 3,500 volunteers campaigning across the Karnataka state in areas that have a dominant minority presence.

An insider said, "They will go to each and every home of members of the minority community to talk about the BJP and also the Modi government."

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Karnataka's 11 districts receive less than normal rainfall


Karnataka's 11 districts receive less than normal rainfall

A month after the onset of south-west monsoon, IMD data suggested that 11 districts in the south-interior of Karnataka received less than normal rainfall, making it the worst drought in 42 years.

The IMD Director, Sundar Metri, said that the area received 40.6 mm of rainfall, as against the normal 64.2 mm it receives every year in June.


School backpacks must not weigh over 10% of body weight

Despite international guidelines emphasizing schoolchildren not to carry over 10% of their body weight on their shoulders, students continue to carry heavy backpacks.

According to a committee set up by Department of State Education Research and Training, students carry school bags that are 20-30 per cent heavier than what is safe. As a result, 60% of students suffer from orthopedic and stress-induced illness.

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