Flying cars feature in hackathon to solve Bengaluru's traffic problem

10 Jul 2017 | By Kanchan Monga

It's raining ideas at Gridlock Hackathon, a contest kickstarted by Flipkart that aims to address the traffic woes of India's IT capital, Bengaluru.

The hackathon is attracting teams from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Ola etc.

The ideas put forward so far include use of artificial intelligence and big data on traffic flows to true moonshots, such as flying cars.

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In context: What's up with Bengaluru this Monday!

10 Jul 2017Flying cars feature in hackathon to solve Bengaluru's traffic problem

RailwaysBengaluru: Railway authorities rush to fix the leaking overbridge

The railway overbridge on Miller's road that was posing as a threat to commuters passing underneath on account of being left unrepaired for a long time has now been fixed by South Western Railways (SWR).

The corroded base, that was leaking and falling in bits on commuters and vehicles passing underneath, has been cleaned. The rusty tin sheets have been replaced with new ones.

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Karnataka CM: Eco-conservation would have prevented Cauvery water dispute

PoliticsKarnataka CM: Eco-conservation would have prevented Cauvery water dispute

After inaugurating Van Mahotsav 2017, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah said that Cauvery water dispute with Tamil Nadu was avoidable if only they had been effective towards conserving resources.

"We have been involved in a dispute with Tamil Nadu over sharing of Cauvery water for years. Had we been more careful in the use of our resources earlier, the conflict could have been avoided," he said.

InnovationBengaluru students innovation may end the hassles at fuel stations

Students of Vijay Vittala Institute of Technology in Kothanur accomplished the feat of ensuring that a customer gets the right quantity of fuel for the price paid and does not end up getting tricked.

They have developed the petrol gun display mounted atop the fuel gun. The display shows the same meter readings as on the pump box, but in reverse lettering format that can be read through rearview mirror.

RobberyBengaluru heist: Burglar takes off with 3 kg of gold

Jewellery shop owner Himmat Prakash was robbed of 3kg of gold and silver ornaments in Cottonpet, Bengaluru.

The burglar made his way into the shop by drilling a hole through shop's ceiling on Saturday.

He was staying atop the shop in a lodge room. He had submitted a fake voter ID by the name of Mohammed Hussain to check in on June 19.

InnovationBengalurean builds mini satellites out of soda cans

Bengalurean Suraj Kumar Jana, 22, developed the CanSat Development Programme, which uses Coke, Red Bull and beer cans and converts them into mini-satellites that collect data on numerous city parameters like temperature, pollution levels etc.

"The data collected by these mini-satellites can help in research purposes and our civic bodies can even use them to implement better policies," said Jana.