Karnataka: State govt to open 900 liquor stores

24 Jul 2017 | By Kanchan Monga

Following huge dent in Karnataka's excise revenue in light of SC banning sale of alcohol on highways, state government is all set to open 900 liquor stores across Karnataka, including 30 in Bengaluru.

Government authorities will look for suitable spots for these stores in line with SC order.

These stores will sell Indian-made Foreign Liquor at MRP rates.

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24 Jul 2017Karnataka: State govt to open 900 liquor stores

ArmyKarnataka to train youth from rural areas for Armed Forces

In order to consolidate rural vote bank ahead of 2018 Assembly polls, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah announced military training programme, worth Rs. 11.44 crore, to enable over 3,000 youth gain entry to army.

This initiative, named 'One Soldier from Every Village', has been undertaken in light of rapidly decreasing number of youngsters who got recruited from Karnataka over the past years.

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Bengaluru couple duped of Rs. 3 lakh by two conmen

FraudBengaluru couple duped of Rs. 3 lakh by two conmen

A Bengaluru couple was duped of Rs. 3 lakh by two conmen who promised them 7kg of gold ornaments worth crores at a cheaper price.

When a sample coin (which the conmen gave to couple) was authenticated to be real by a jewellery store, the couple gave the money in exchange of jewellery that turned out to be fake.

Police investigation is underway.

Language rowBengaluru writers, activists condemn arrest of Pro-Kannada activists

The campaign against Hindi imposition seems to be gathering momentum with several writers, activists strongly condemning police for arresting pro-Kannada activists and slapping them with irrelevant charges after they defaced signages at metro stations recently.

"We condemn disregard shown by police in filing cases of communal riots against Kannada activists. Government should take strict action against foisting false and fabricated cases," said writer Chandrasekhar Patil.

Benson townBengaluru's pottery town struggles to survive, business drops by 60%

The pottery town in Benson town, known for handcrafted pottery, seems to be breathing its last with business having dropped for artisans by 50-60% in the last two decades.

Pottery is in demand only during Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi, thereby, providing artisans with only seasonal income.

People now use steel unlike clay utensils in old days, that endangers pottery culture.

InnovationGovernment to make Mangaluru Karnataka's animation hub

After establishing Bengaluru as IT hub, Karnataka government drafted a policy to make Mangaluru the new hub of animation, visual effects, gaming and comics (AVGC).

"Mangaluru holds greater promise with animation companies there showing great potential. We have decided to allocate funds to only those companies registered in Karnataka and those having original content with national or global reach," said IT-BT minister Priyank Kharge.