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24 Aug 2017

iPhone 8 to be unveiled on September 12?

The launch of iPhone 8 is near

If reports are to be believed, Apple could unveil its next iPhone at 9am on September 12. There's confirmation that it has scheduled a press conference on that day.

Every year since 2012, September has been the official iPhone launch month.

If it follows its normal routine, pre-orders will start the next Friday (September 15) and sales a week later (September 22).

In context

The launch of iPhone 8 is near

Rumor has it that Apple's working on three iPhone models

According to rumors, Apple is working on as many as three iPhone models. The 7s and 7s Plus are expected to be announced in more powerful versions. Apart from these, a new premium phone, being hailed as the iPhone 8, is reportedly in the works.

A new iPhone is not the only Apple product expected

More goodies

A new iPhone is not the only Apple product expected

Apple also has goodies in store for its existing customers. iPhone users who aren't keen on buying a new one can upgrade to iOS 11.

It is expected sometime during September 12-22.

A minor update to the Apple TV and 4K video output is awaited.

A new version of the Apple watch which will have LTE connectivity is also likely to hit the market.

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