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03 Nov 2017

WhatsApp goes down for users in India and several countries

WhatsApp is facing global outage

WhatsApp remained down for users in India for over half an hour this afternoon, causing an outcry on Twitter.

Similar reports emerged from the UK, Western Europe, Asia (including Pakistan) and many other parts.

This is the second reported WhatsApp outage in two months. In early September, it remained unoperational for a few hours in several countries including Malaysia, Spain, Germany and others.

In context

WhatsApp is facing global outage

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What was the issue?

In India, problems were first reported at around 1:50 pm and remained out till at least 2:40 pm with on-off services in between. Elsewhere, many struggled to even login to the messaging app. Most reported not being able to send or receive texts.

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WhatsApp back online at around 2:45 pm IST


WhatsApp back online at around 2:45 pm IST

At around 2:45 pm IST, WhatsApp seemed to be back online. Many people took to Twitter to report the resumption of services.

However, some reported they had been automatically deleted from groups in the meantime.

During the outage, many reported uninstalling and re-installing the app to try and get it back online.

Sometime during the outage hour, #WhatsAppDown started trending.

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